Close-up magician of the Year from The Academy of Magical Arts (The Magic Castle) in Hollywood, California


Audiences all over the country have been falling in love with Suzanne since 1985. She resides in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota and can be see locally there at Birch's on the Lake, Lord Fletcher's Old Lake Lodge and Rockwood's.

Her engaging style makes the audience an essential participant in her performance. Other respected professional magicians have called her "flawless" and "amazing". She is a favorite at Hollywood's famous Magic Castle and was awarded Close Up Magician of the Year for 2010 by The Academy of Magical Arts. Her specialty is close-up magic for corporate and private events.

Appearing on Fool Us!

Watch her fool Penn & Teller!

Appeared on Penn & Teller "Fool Us" October 5th, 2015 on the CW network.
Watch her fool Penn & Teller below.

Suzanne appeared on the Penn and Teller Stage in Vegas on Oct 13, 2015!

Recognized by Her Peers

Close-up magician of the year

Suzanne has appeared on the covers of the international magazines, Genii  and M.U.M.



Suzanne becomes your "celebrity guest" who provides the life of the party that people will remember for years to come. Settings such as reception rooms, hospitality suites and parties are perfect for strolling magic - anywhere people may be milling around, networking, or just having drinks and snacks between events at a conference or trade show. Suzanne helps break the ice at a function where people may not know each other well.

Ten minutes sharing a magical mystery tour with her will provide ample conversation openers for the more shy participants in your event.


This is Suzanne's favorite show. She performs it regularly at the famous Magic Castle in Hollywood. She is seated in an intimate setting performing a series of miracles with a member of the audience as her assistant. The audience is seated in chairs nearby and all watch together as Suzanne and her helper entertain the group. Suzanne finishes with her trademark Cups and Balls routine that will leave the group speechless.


Sometimes referred to as Parlor Magic, Stand Up Magic or Cabaret Magic, Suzanne's platform show is perfect for a larger group in a small to medium size banquet room setting. With a lot of audience participation and comedy, Suzanne will bring the entire group together for this high energy show.


Suzanne is adept at breathing life into business events such as trade show booths, hospitality suites, business presentations, and sales meetings. By tailoring her show to your company's message she keeps the topic fresh in the minds of the viewers while providing world class entertainment. She can also keep an audience energized by filling the role of emcee between speakers.


What People are saying

The first time I experienced Suzanne's magic, I was enchanted — and my computer-brain scrambled. No, she can't really be doing THAT, not right in front of my eyes! But she was and she consistently does her unique mix that makes you question your own eyesight while you are catching your breath. I invited her to a conference as my secret surprise and watched in delight as a roomful of people were stunned, mesmerized and begging for more even after a couple of hours.

Her skills are matched only by her entertaining presentations. Just ask her to put a story with the magic and everyone in the room, regardless of age, falls in love.


I've been continually amazed by Suzanne's magic. I've seen her on numerous occasions at Gianni's Steakhouse and have hired her for personal entertainment. She's always professional, she's always entertaining, and she always has a new element of surprise.


We have enjoyed Suzanne's magic at our company holiday party for the last two years and have her booked for a third! Suzanne is the perfect complement to our party with her witty personality and unbelievable magic. She amazes everyone every time and we look forward to having her again! Thanks, Suzanne!


You always are the talk of our parties. Usually when we are hosting the large parties we don't usually get to partake in your tricks, but this time we did and were so very amazed at how talented you are. We watched carefully and could not once figure out how you did your tricks!

Our guests couldn't stop talking about how much they enjoyed the party and the incredible Magician, Suzanne. You were, as always, a delight!


I just wanted to tell you again what a wonderful surprise it was seeing you out at the Castle and to say again how much I truly enjoyed your act. It is not often that I see a performance that makes me proud to be a magician and reminds me of the beauty that our craft can have. Everything in your show was perfect: from your wonderful and genuine relationship with Bill, to the choice of material, to the execution; it was simply one of the best magic performances I have seen. I am truly thankful to have seen it.



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